About Us

Mackay’s is a multi-service construction company, specialising in stone work restoration and building maintenance and repairs.

The business was established in 1938 by James Mackay, a steeplejack who learned his trade during Scotland’s heavy industrial heyday.

Of course, nowadays steeplejacks are as likely to be asked to fell a chimney as to maintain it. Over the past 60 years or so, our family business has witnessed what amounts to an industrial revolution in reverse as:-

  • derelict factories with their dirty smokestacks have been replaced by light manufacturing and service industries
  •  cleaner fuels have been developed to power our economy and run our homes
  •  businesses and homeowners alike have come to realise the value of traditional stone-built property that was for so many years neglected

As a result, we’ve become specialists in removing the grime and decay of many generations and restoring both commercial and domestic premises to like-new condition.

We have full employers liability insurance and are compliant with all necessary Health & Safety legislation.

Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit.